The Golem of Hereford





- HilbertRaum Gallery, 01-10/04/2016 Berlin (Ge)


- Deep Wireless Festival, NAISA, 05/2014 Toronto (Ca)

- Bandit-Mages Gathering, INSEE 11/2013 Bourges (Fr)

- L&S Salon, Horse Hospital, 03/2013 London

- Disembodied Voices Festival, Jack Theatre, 12/2012 New York (USA)

- Goldsmiths, Graduate Forum, 10/2012 & "Composition" Symposium 01/2013 London


 2009-16 (in collaboration with Tom Mudd)

 ... Did they build a Golem? If so can it be excavated?

The Golem of Hereford a generative generative soundscape composition and multichannel audio installation exploring how identity and the past are constantly reshaped and re-imagined through performance, narrative and myth-making. The project began with the search for the remains of a small group of people who lived in Hereford, England between 1179 and 1290 until they all disappeared, most without trace. In an installation using thousands of interview fragments and field recordings of the various locations where those events allegedly unfolded, a computer programme reorders this material in real-time, in a session lasting 30 mins. After each session, the installation prints out the version of the story the programme has just been generated. In this way, ''The Golem of Hereford'' talks to us through the mysterious voice of another and reinvents its own history with every listen, constantly shifting from place to place, from subject to subject, from one point of reference to another.

"Invoking the Golem, the soldier, the electric pigeons, the abandoned kid, the weird animals of Hereford's Mappa Mundi, the vanished Jewish community of Maylord Street, the commercial centre, a certain type of rain, chains attached to ancient manuscripts, a psycho-therapist, a funeral, a market, Rodinsky's room, sonic tesserae."   


?Un coup de dés jamais n?abolira le hasard? 


Myths are un-fixed stories ? like historical discourses, they evolve with time and depend upon how often the story has been told and who is telling it.

Orality, as a plural form, as what Deleuze would call a ?nomad science?, or perhaps an aleatory machine, both preserves and transforms History, memory, and the way we relate to the past and identify with it.
Every time the myth is told, part of it is lost while new elements emerge. It forms a series of potentially conflicting trajectories whose interactions, points of convergence and divergent pathways, crystallise the very notion of History.

Each version of the Golem of Hereford provides a new account, a new set of facts and associations, that tears apart the authoritative (disembodied) voice in favour of the creation of symbols, identification processes, and plurality.


 Der Golem Herefords und Andere Geschichten, 10:1 sound installation @ HilbertRaum, 04/2016 Berlin



 The Golem of Hereford @ NAISA, Toronto (Ca) 05/2014



- Emmanuel Spinelli: Original concept, field recordings, interviews, composition

- Tom Mudd: Design, programming





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