SOUND AND THE CITY @ Natural History Museum

Imagining the future soundscape of the city.


 Sound and the City Website


Curated by James Bulley
Produced by Özden Şahin
Sound design by Emmanuel Spinelli


Researchers from across disciplines explore the rapidly changing urban soundscape — how do the sounds around us affect our daily life? What might a futuristic city sound like? An interactive listening experience exploring the impact that the sounds around us can have on our health, wellbeing and sense of place.

Sound and the City installation was exhibited as part of the Universities Week

at the Natural History Museum between June 9 — 11, 2014.


Prof. Sean Cubitt, Dr. Georgina Hosang, Dr. Anja Kanngieser, Prof. Atau Tanaka, Dr. John Drever


    Sound and the City, Natural History Museum, London 06/2014
 © Pictures by Özden Şahin



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