Padstow Cosmesis (34'38'') is a concert piece and a sound installation.

The installation, for 8 speakers, and a live video feeds, a projection and a text, explores the soundscape of the Obby Oss ritual in Padstow (Cornwall) on the 1st of May every year. To be more precise, it explores the day before Mayday and the day after and followed by the winter's "dead" season. It aims to celebrate the sonic beauty of the place and its community as well as highlighting the socio-political issues of this highly touristic centre where most locals cannot afford to live there and most of the old village now belongs to second-home owners and is slowly losing its nature.


The Shunt, London: 11th of June 2010 as part of Pure Gold Festival

SoundFjord Gallery, AV Installation, London: May 2011




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