Footsteps in the Wind (5:1) for Large Scale Audio Experiment




Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment
Tuesday 20 October - Saturday 7 November 2009, running daily on the College Green at Goldsmiths.

An installation of Duran Audio's Intellivox DSP controlled beam steering loudspeakers, placed in the four corners of the College Green, in conjunction with Illustrious's 3D Audioscape software platform.

Featuring works by Ain Bailey, Lucia Chung, John Levack Drever, Liam Fletcher, Wojciech Franke / Leo Merz, Tyler Friedman, Tom Slater, Emmanuel  Lorien Spinelli and Martyn Ware/ Illustrious.

A collaboration between Duran Audio, Illustrious, Sound Practice Research and The Screen School.







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