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This piece is one of a series of compositions focusing on experiments related to the construction and perception of identities; mine in a way, but first and foremost others, in order to explore the notion of “sound-subjects”.

Two elements form my source material: a series of studio interviews with people who shared a strong political concern, who were foreigners living in London, and had felt a need for defining their identity, their persona; a series of field recordings made around and inside their place, and different locations where the subject usually spend times (work or leisure). This piece focusses on two subjects: Naiara, a Basque person whose parents suffered from the Spanish repression in the Basque Country; and F., a Turkish person who shares a similar history.

The field recordings intend to inform the listener on the sound-world of these persons. Those phonographic traces also help contextualising the semantic the work and I ended up using them as an extension of their discourse and to fill the gaps of what cannot be said, their inner structure, their silences, and of course my own perception of their being, their codes, and their thoughts. In the construction of the work, I apply my own system to their discourse in an attempt to symbolise more than signify, the result becomes a sort of poetic expression of the relationship in-between two personas, and the paradox of loneliness within it. What is enhanced in the piece (in a sonorous way) is what I call the “mental stuttering” of the subject studied due to this utterly impossible knowledge, the impossibility of expressing one’s “mind”, or one’s “being”. Therefore this process of deterritorialisation of the persona engenders a double articulation, two disembodied identities merge and enhance the composer/subject relationship; and the semantic of the discourse (voice) and its surroundings (field recordings) are articulated (and distorted) by the technology and organisation processes used by the composer. Therefore, this is not an urban science but perhaps it is rather a “nomad science” as Deleuze and Guattari would put it. Lands and Genotypes is an attempt in linking a phenomenological awareness with the compositional approach.



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