HOROLOGE #1: Limestone (2011) - 11' 10'' (8.1)


                                                     The entropy of an isolated system tends to increase...

                          Field recordings made in the Yorkshire dales around Settle.

Horlologe #1
is the first of a series of pieces exploring the idea of entropy and our relationship with the perception of human cycles versus Geological Time.

"The solubility of limestone, its acquiescence to water, (…), is rich with clandestine places: runnels, crevasses, dens, caves, hollows, gullies. It is a landscape that has the vast, involuted surface area of a coastline, or a lung's interior. Things pool and hide in limestone, including meaning: it forms a lateral landscape, but not a shallow one. (…)
From the middle of the nineteenth century onwards, a trade in the stone grew; it was desirable for rockeries and municipal flower-beds. Legal and illegal quarrying means that in Britain, where a scant 6,000 acres of surface limestone pavement exist, only around 200 acres remain undamaged.
R. Macfarlane, The Wild Places: 2007
    The piece comprises 4 parts:

        - Noise in the Quarry
        - Balance Wheel (different angles)
        - Settle
        - Tumor


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