Mental Aircraft vers. IVFilm Noir for Cello [ 8 : 1 ]

 EMS Concert Series, London



Emmanuel Lorien Spinelli: Mental Aircraft Vers. IV: Film Noir for Cello

- Alex Eichenberger: Cello
- Emmanuel Lorien Spinelli: Live Electronics


EMS Concert Series, London 2009

Film Noir for Cello is part of a series of improvisatory pieces developed over the last 4 years involving the interaction of live algorithms and performers in various forms and contexts such as video, theatre, sound installations, and live performances. The electronic component functions as an autonomous participant generating its "own" material and responses, often provoking (un)likely encounters and (un)fortunate occurrences. Within this framework, the performer oscillates in between his/her own dynamic reflection, capricious behaviour, and what resembles the emanation of a mechanical yet sensitive system of thoughts





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