ELECTRO+ (Orastie): 20'35''  [ 8.1 ]



- Resolution: St James Church, 03/2018 London

- Sweet Sound of Thunder Festival of Electroacoustic Music, 04/2014 San Francisco (USA)

- City University London Concert Series, 02/2014 London

- Soundfjord, Goldsmiths? Great Hall, 05/2013 London

- Pure Gold Festival, Purcell Room, 06/2012 London

- Cave Poe?sie, 04/2012 Toulouse (Fr)



Part of the ongoing project Lands and Genotypes (dealing with the perception of acousmatic identities and traces through postwar Europe and in particular in relation to the Holocaust), Electro+ started as a collaboration with Romanian artists Nicu Ilfoveanu and Agnes Birebent and explores the soundscape of South Western Transylvania: all around Or??tie.  

    The material for Electro+ was gathered following 3 different trajectories:

1) A touristic guide to "non-touristic" parts of Romania - a visit of the hidden histories where no-one ever goes. A poet, a scientist, a farmer, a footballer, a postcard may have been born there, no-one really knows. Organised tour of derelict factories, stations, hotels, museums, graveyards, bars.

2) The production of postcards and anecdotes;  (Ukrainian border); mistranslation on the menu: the beef tongue stew is called: ?the language is boiled?; in 2005 a small group from the Battersea Dog?s Home drove a van all the way to Bucharest to rescue a few strays who were being slaughtered (EU funding used to ?solve? Romania?s ?dog problem?). On their return, I interviewed the dogs in London. They are featured in the piece, mixed with the others...

3) For a Romanian Oresteia. Aeschylus? tragedy marks the transition from the old system to the new one. Not just politically but also in the shift from the practice of personal vendetta to a system of litigation.
    Or??tie, a town named after Agamemnon?s son (Orestes? sister is called Electra), and home of the Dacian fortresses, becomes the starting point of the search for traces. Traces of change, of the transition that happened in Romania, from the old system to a new one. A building called ?Electro+?.




               Electro+ @ Sweet Sound of Thunder Festival of Electroacoustic Music, 04/2014 San Francisco (USA)




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