COMPOSITION 1a : Kinoscore by N. Tafelmacher for Blank Ensemble

Commissioned by the Romanian Institute, London


Tom Slater: Turntables

J M  Unglas: Chapman Stick

E. L. S. : Midi-guitar

       Composition 1a.
"The video is a score. It is not complete without the Blank Ensemble who plays it. Comp 1a is constituted of signs that want to communicate rhythm, pitch, and drones to the  musicians, enabling them to play the video, despite the lack of traditional visual musical codes. This collaboration encourages a structured improvisation, inasmuch as the video – never an illustration – has a role of 4th instrument. The latter is the direction the work will take, ever expanding the creative dialogue between the musicians and a 4th instrument that is mute (sound-wise) and visual. This work will mutate alongside its future performances."
Nathalie Tafelmacher MAGNAT | visual artist (UK / CH)


Composition 1A -The Blank Performance from Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat on Vimeo.


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