A soundscape study of Bregenz, Austria


14 - 26 June 2010


A 4 Channel Sound-installation by E.L.S

Bregenz, 6–10 June 2010
A soundscape study of Bregenz

      ‘Like many places situated by the water, Bregenz is a city of dual character. Two movements co-exist on a single stage. On one side, the lake, slowly evolving throughout the day, seems to be repeating its name over and over with an infinity of subtle variations and reminds us that natural beauty reinvents itself all the time in perpetual cycles, in slow motions and trickling whispers. On the other side, the effervescent city, with its radical mixture of agitation and stillness, always in construction, wakes up and goes to sleep in what feels like a twinkling of an eye.

‘Bregenz is also a place where the old and the new coincide, 18th century buildings superimposed on state-of-the-art concrete structures. And us, listening?

‘For this project I have created a four-channel sound installation that presents these two elements. The water and the city will have their own cycle which is constantly shifting and giving the listener the opportunity to place themselves in the virtual space in between the two and experience Brengenz’s soundscape from that unique point of listening.’

E L S 2010


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Austria’s contribution to the International Showcase takes the question of the ‘Welcoming City’ literally, and responds to the approach adopted by the Festival organisers this year to provide an open platform for individuals and organisations to contribute to the event and exhibition programme. Field Trip will select four scholars – recent graduates and architecture students, artists, writers or researchers whose work centres around architecture, landscape and urbanism – to go on a field-trip to four Austrian cities: Bregenz, Graz, Linz and Vienna.

For each trip, an individual brief will be developed with a view to bringing back material that can be presented in drawings, sound works, models, films or writing, exploring different qualities of the visited cities.

A diverse selection of documents and artefacts from past field trips and present research on architecture and urban design in Austria will surround the commissioned works, creating a rich tapestry of connections and ideas in the space.

The idea of ‘collecting’ is central to the exhibition; the process of finding, sorting, interpreting and editing found material, and its presentation in the exhibition are connected seamlessly and will be documented on the exhibition’s website.

Field Trip is presented by the Austrian Cultural Forum London
Curator: Joseph Kohlmaier



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