Bregenz by Cycle (8.1) 17' 01''



EMS concert series, Sho-Zyg Festival 2012. Sonic Journeys & Soundfjord Gallery (new version, 2011)


             A soundscape study of Bregenz:

Like many places situated by the water, Bregenz is a city of dual character. Two movements co-exist on a single stage. On one side, the lake, slowly evolving throughout the day, seems to be repeating its name over and over with an infinity of subtle variations and reminds us that natural beauty reinvents itself all the time in perpetual cycles, in slow motions and trickling whispers. On the other side, the effervescent city, with its radical mixture of agitation and stillness, always in construction, wakes up and goes to sleep in what feels like a twinkling of an eye.

‘Bregenz is also a place where the old and the new coincide, 18th century buildings superimposed on state-of-the-art concrete structures.

A sonic journey around Lake Constance and Bregenz (Austria). The piece explores the soundscape of different locations in Bregenz following the lake's cycle and different locations on the lake following the city's rhythm, from running around the urban landscape to a microphone drifting on a plank of wood.





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