Large-Scale Multi-Media Installation

Bains des Pâquis, Geneva: 11/2017 - 04/2018

[ generative 6 channel soundscape composition and sound design]

BA-PÂ UTO-KÎ is an abandoned fishing village submerged underwater, an archaeological remain of the future. Its lights shine though the trouble water of the lake, its sounds floating all around, its inhabitant, all but a memory.

    - Conception/Realisation:    Cédric Hoareau

    - Sound Design:                  Emmanuel Spinelli

    - Lighting Design:                Lumière Electrique

    - Interviews/Mediation:        Bastien Bircher

Now, about the city of Bâ-Pa Uto-Kî I have this to say: although it is situated on a dry ground, it rests on very high pillars, the houses are of bamboo and zinc, with a large number of galleries and balconies, they are placed at different heights, as on stilts that challenge each other, and connected by ladders and walkways, surmounted by belvederes covered with conical roofs, barrels that are reservoirs of water, weather vane turning in the wind, and it exceeds pulleys, fishing rods and cranes.” Italo Calvino: Les Villes Invisibles.