AQUARIUM Live @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - 9th May 2013


Fish tank, water, pebbles, coins, objects & live electronics

Aquarium is an installation / performance device that explores the relationship between the senses of touching and listening. Field recordings of water in its many forms (ocean waves, rain, bubbles, droplets, tidal rhythms, ice, etc...) are triggered and manipulated through the touch of water inside a fish tank.
Aquarium invites us to experience and reflect upon the macrocosmic scale of the planet's liquid resources through an exploratory set of interactions with the microcosmic environment of the tank.


 AQUARIUM Live @ Hydroacoustics, MS Stubnitz - 9th May 2013



- Hydroacoustics, MS Stubnitz, 05/2013 London;

- Pure Gold Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall 06/2013 London;

- Vibe Gallery, 08/2013 London;

- Oxford House Gallery, 06/2013 London;

- Vyner Street Visual Collective Space, 06/2013 London




A slight touch on the surface of the water will trigger single droplets. Moving more water in the tank will create ripples and trigger ocean waves. Simply immersing hands inside the device will trigger both tidal movements and subtle changes in the overall behaviour of stagnant lakes and rivers. Scooping and pouring back the water triggers rain sounds, and waves might turn into thunder, or ice might break...


“The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.” (B. Pascal)




AQUARIUM Live @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - 9th May 2013







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