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Emmanuel Lorien Spinelli


Acousmatic Music, Soundscape Studies, Sound Installations, Sonic Arts, Sound Design

Dr Emmanuel Spinelli is a sound artist, composer and music lecturer. He has been involved in electro-acoustic composition, live electronics and free improvisation since 1998. His work has been presented around Europe, the US and Canada, and Footsteps in the Wind, a soundscape study of Krakow and Auschwitz, won the C.C.P. and the George Blunden travel awards. Spinelli completed a PhD in Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths in 2015. Over the years, he has developed an interest in issues relating to soundscape transformation, psycho-geographies, manipulations of historical data, sonic remains and memory, particularly in relation to post-war Europe and the Shoah. His research revolves around the notion of acoustic phenotypology, that is to say the perception of individual identities through sound. All his work, at one level or another, explores human presence and history, through the cognition of the disembodied voice and the sonic environment.

Electro+ (Orastie) @ Sho-zyg 2012, London

Sound and the City, interactive sound installation, Natural History Museum, London 2014

Interactive AV installation: Un soleil Pour Deux Egoistes OOXXOO Take Courage Gallery, London 2009

 Dreidel: Before the end of time Poland project: Footsteps in the Wind section 

Sound-installation in situ, Gross Rosen Camp, Poland, 2006

SKAN @ Collision 2009 :

ANONYMOUS STRUCTURE: SUNSET (AV Interactive Installation)

OFF MODERN Corsica Art Studio, London 09/2008

AQUARIUM @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, PureGold 06/2013 

Cardew Festival, South Bank Centre, 02/2012 London